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Legacy Toys was founded in Ely Minnesota in 2012 as a company dedicated to encouraging children and families to play and explore with their imagination. At our stores located in Minnesota and North Dakota, we encourage Children and Adults to play and experience items and activities throughout our stores. Each of our stores has multiple interactive areas and is a unique experience. Our dedicated and experienced staff can help you find the perfect toys, board games, plush and more for your family or loved ones! We hope you’ll stop into one of our stores or all of them and come experience Legacy Toys!

Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth Minnesota is home to our flagship store and is located in Miller Hill Mall. Legacy Toys in Duluth is one of the top toy stores in Minnesota and the largest of its kind. Truly an experience worth visiting, we hope to see you here as you enjoy our General Store, our Train Depot, our exclusive Animatronic T-Rex and many of the other exciting experiences that await you when you stop in!

Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo is home to our newest store and our first expansion outside of Minnesota. We’re excited to be here and excited to bring Legacy Toys to North Dakota. This store features an exclusive life size Bison and our newest Animatronic Dinosaur in the family, a Triceratops. Measuring in at just over 15′, she is sure to be worthy of a visit and a photo op! Our new Triceratops is showing up in the middle of December 2017!

Ely, Minnesota

Ely Minnesota is where Legacy Toys started back in 2012 and our first store. Though not as large as our newer stores, it’s still an exciting visit, packed with tons of toys, our very own 400 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium and it’s own Candy Store the next time you’re in Ely, be sure to stop by and say hi!


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What People in Fargo are Saying

Loved my first experience there. The associates gave my daughter stickers, were friendly and I even had a nice conversation with the cashier. One of the associates was building legos with the foam sand and even showed me how to make some. My daughter loves your store and wishes to go back as soon as possible!

What People in Duluth are Saying

Great atmosphere, environment, and pleasant staff. The store is conducive to letting your imagination take over – whether it be for the dino dig kits, the puzzles and games, or even the candy. The layout reminds one of days gone by- everything lively and colorful and clean. Lots for kids to touch and try out. My favorite part is that there are dinosaur steps at various parts of the mall leading you to this store.

What People in Ely are Saying

Wonderful store, Huge selection, Great staff, a must visit when in Ely!

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