Village Heartbeat – Whole Person Drumming

Find inner stillness and awareness through rhythm
Foster a mindful connection to yourself through Zorina’s unique, multi-level style of learning drumming and rhythm
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I believe that rhythm is a neutral and intelligent entity or force. As we align with something powerfully neutral (i.e.neither praising or blaming) we begin to find rhythm as a resting place, a place of self-healing, acceptance, and inner self-organization. Our rhythmic intelligence helps us to be embodied and fully present.

Zorina Wolf

When you enter into Zorina Wolf’s Whole Person Drumming curriculum, you will learn the basics of drum technique and orchestration on a variety of drums and percussion instruments. 

This teaching style offers you the experience of rhythm found in the body–exploring pulsation through movement and voice–with and without the drum. Once we understand the feeling of rhythm in the body, it is easier to play your instrument.

Traveling through the landscape of a rhythm opens us to more than the drum patterns we play. It  demonstrates how we can inhabit and understand pulsation and interval, create orchestration– and bring ourselves more into the present moment through our music.

The effect that rhythm has on our bodies, minds and feelings is as important as learning any drum accompaniment.  

This path is one of the many modalities available to foster a mindful connection to yourself.

“If drumming has a niche audience, then Whole Person Drumming is niche-er.”

The Slow Groove Method.

It takes time to prepare a good meal. Combining shapes and textures, marinating flavors and spice– give enough time for the elements to blend and meld– it is the same with building a beautiful rhythm groove. Whole Person Drumming is about learning to connect to ourselves and each other through the medium of rhythm, movement and drums.

This rhythm application works for the beginning beginner drummer as well as a professional musicians looking to ingrate rhythm more deeply.

Feel the Rhythm. Free Your Mind.

When we are in rhythm we are in the present moment.

There is no time to think or analyze, it’s all happening now. And now. As we see more of our landscape, the drum changes from a musical instrument alone to a tool for self-awareness, healing, and re-integration

Village Heartbeat® brings the power of rhythm to community. We open ourselves to the language of rhythm and drums to recreate our musical culture. This connection to the heartbeat has the power to heal, unify, and inspire.

Whole Person Drumming

Your Journey Into Rhythem

Drumming is about sound. And it is also about silence. In Whole Person Drumming, Zorina Wolf shares her passion for drumming and the heartful community it can create. With plenty of stories from her own journey as student and teacher, she offers exercises for all learning styles, with accompanying videos. ( Wolf studied for fourteen years with Babatunde Olatunji, the great Nigerian drummer, and has taught drumming for more than twenty years. In her own accessible, personal style she teaches basic techniques: the drum’s language of bass, tone, and slap; how to build stamina; how to find the rhythm in your body through stepping or speaking rhythm syllables. Here you will learn how to hear the silence between the beats, how to turn rhythm into meditation as you practice samba, conga, kpanlogo, and more.